portes francaises

April 14, 2010

I love Paris.

It seems every turn you take there is something beautiful to behold.  Some of my favorite beautiful things in Paris are the doorways.  I seem to collect images of them more than anything else.  At the end of the day after strolling through Paris, the majority of the photos on my camera are photos of doorways.

Doorways in Paris are like the calling card for people’s homes.  You don’t see much from the street aside from some old limestone and a doorway, usually there is some enchantingly gorgeous old courtyard or garden looming behind, but we never really know.  So the doorways wet our imaginations as to what lies beyond…

This might just be my most favorite doorway of all time, it’s a hair salon that we happened upon and the moment I saw it I had to stop.  I think I stood there for a good 20 minutes just taking in the yumminess of that bright red against the old limestone.

A little bit sad, but I love it

I’m dying to see what the inside of this one looks like.

There’s that delicious red again

A color I call Parisian Blue, it just wouldn’t be the same anywhere else…

What was once the doorway to an old mill in the south of France


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