April 16, 2010

I was born in Santa Monica, CA and spent most of my teenage years on and around the beach in Venice.  Back then the now ultra trendy Abbott Kinney Blvd was where you went to get shot, well I may exaggerate slightly, but it was definitely seedy.  My best friend lived in Venice and we hung out with all the locals, much to my mother’s dismay. Gangsters, graffiti artists and hoodlum surfers, those were my people.

I’m nostalgic and tend to hold on to memories of years past as though they were dear friends, they stay fresh in my mind and completely relevant, perhaps even when they shouldn’t.  I am so glad that the beautiful street art of graffiti has become so relevant in our culture that it has gone mainstream.  I guess that is what happens as the generations evolve…

Graffiti Paint Drip inspired rug by Kelly Wearstler for The RUG Company

Franz Kline painting circa 1950, not really graffiti, but feels like it.

Vuitton does graffiti in a tribute to Stephen Sprouse

Stephen Sprouse designed Graffiti Camo fabric for Knoll Textiles

Graffiti pendant lamp by re-surface

Graffiti inspired walls in the KWID Hillcrest Estate

Painting by artist Gino Perez

Street art by renegade graffiti artist BANKSY

Paris Graffiti


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