arbor day

April 30, 2010

A celebration of trees…

Julius Sterling Morton a Nebraska journalist and eventual Secretary of Agriculture to the President of the United States, felt that the landscape and economy of Nebraska could benefit from a widespread planting of trees.  Taking it upon himself to plant orchards and trees of different sorts, Morton encouraged his community to join him and more than a million trees were planted in April of 1872.

Arbor Day now happens all over the world at different times of  year from Japan to India depending on climate, but in the United States, Arbor Day generally falls on or around the last Friday in April.

The benefit of trees…

Aside from the beauty that a tree can provide to the landscape or your front yard, the environmental benefit of trees is enormous.  Trees help to control climate by moderating the effects of the sun, wind and rain.  Trees prevent a cool shady place when it’s hot as well as absorbing radiant heat from the sun during winter.  In cities, trees play a HUGE role in mitigating the ‘heat-island’ effect that is caused by pavement and buildings.

Trees with dense foliage act as a windbreak and help to lessen the impact and effects of rain, sleet and hail on people and buildings.  They also help to absorb rainfall which in turn reduces the possibility of flooding in certain areas.

Trees are essential to the natural balance and harmony of our air quality.  Their leaves filter the air that we breathe, by absorbing carbon dioxide, dust, particles and other pollutants from the air such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide and then release oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Get involved…

A great way to get involved is to volunteer or donate to an organization like TREE PEOPLE. Check out their website and see all the many ways that you can make a difference…

Tree People conference center in Los Angeles

T R E E S  in  D E S I G N

Amazing Branch Room Divider

Rustic Adirondack Bronze Twig Flatware by Vance Kitira

Manzanita Candelabra by West Elm

Woods Wallpaper by Cole and Son

Kim Lantern by Bill Sofield for Baker

Twig Occasional Table by Baker

Tree Stump Side Table by West Elm

Interlaced Twigs Handle by Anthropologie

Weathered Wood Table Lamp by West Elm

Forest Canopy Bed by Anthropologie

Algues by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra

George Nakashima Bench

Twig and Branch Colored Pencils

Twig Lamps from Zgallerie

One Response to “arbor day”

  1. Steve Diemer Says:

    OK, there are some beautiful items here, but I’ve been totally frustrated in trying to locate and buy the vance kitira bronze twig flatware pictured. Yes, I’ve gone to his site. It is not listed. I’ve done a google, ebay, and amazon search, etc., etc., etc. So where can I buy them????

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