5 under $300

May 24, 2010

I wouldn’t call myself a bargain shopper, I definitely love the finer things in life.  My favorite fabric company is Rogers & Goffigon, with a median price point of about $250 per yard retail, so I wouldn’t say that my taste is cheap.  However, I do live in the real world, where budgets are generally driving a design just as much as a client’s, or my, taste.

A welcome challenge for me is how to mix high and low and still achieve a sophisticated put together look that doesn’t scream ‘My house could be an ad for Ikea’.

I think it is important to have a collection of pieces ranging from antiques to well made classics that show you know what you are doing in the design world.  Along the way, if you have to throw in a little cb2 or Ikea, it’s OK, especially if it allows you to splurge on other pieces that make the space and elevate the overall design.  The trick is to do it right, so that your bargain buys blend seamlessly into your space.

Here are 5 of my go to pieces.  Items that I seem to use repeatedly to stretch a budget a little further, but don’t look like you skimped…

Eames wire base plastic side chair $249 comes in a variety of colors and is a classic icon of modern design.

Peekaboo clear coffee table $249  from cb2 is versatile and compact, with its barely there appearance it quietly adds a dose of style to your space.

These Jute Boucle area rugs from West Elm $199 for an 8′ x 10′ rug add texture and a simple foundation to any room.

KULLA table lamp from Ikea $49.99 easily earns its keep with its classic modern lines.

MALM 6 drawer dresser in white from Ikea at just $149 couldn’t be a better bargain…the wood finish alternatives don’t quite have the simplicity that gives this piece its versatility and universal ability to blend quietly with a space.


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