symmetry good for brain

October 2, 2010

Can I vent here for a minute?

Sometimes I just want a day to myself.  All to myself with no kids, no work, no Michael, no phone calls, no emails, no computer…ok, my computer can stay.

I mean, seriously, between my 4 month old needing constant stimulation and attention and my nearly 4 year old running around destroying just about everything in his path – sometimes himself included, I don’t get a break.

I was just sitting here thinking to myself, ‘what did I used to do on a lovely Saturday afternoon if Michael was working and I had the day to myself?’.

Oh, that’s right, I did whatever I wanted to do.  Long gone are those days.  The days of a leisurely afternoon reading by the pool, laying in bed with a good book, a spontaneous trip to the movie theater…

I know, what does this have to do with symmetry?

When things get overly chaotic for me I try to create as much order as I can to calm myself. Because I am so visually inclined (I learn and experience best visually) symmetry can really help me wind down when I get too wound up.

I don’t really know why, I guess I could read up a little, but symmetry in a space creates a calming and easy environment.  A symmetrical space gives your eyes a place to land and rest without trying to take in too many different things going on all at once.

That’s exactly what I need.


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