November 1, 2010

O. M. G.

I was recently in a little shop in Silverlake and came across these AMAZING candles from Cire Trudon in France.  They are seriously like an orgasm in your nose.

They were laid out on a table under little individual glass cloches and each one was better than the next.

I was shopping with a client and she was literally looking at me like I needed to take these candles and get a room.

My 2 favorites are by far the ABD EL KADER The a la menthe – Moroccan mint Tea and SPIRITUS SANCTI Encens – Incense.  I mean, they really are all amazing, but if I had to choose just 2, these would be them…

Dating back to the 1600’s and becoming the official royal wax manufacturer in 1719 these candles have a beautiful history and each scent is accompanied by a sweet little story.

And they don’t have paraffins and all the other yucky dangerous stuff that newer wax candles have in them.

This is the kind of luxury (steeped in history) that you can get for under $100.  I’m in.

CIRE TRUDON shop Paris.


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