February 28, 2011

Franz Kline.  Either you know the name or you don’t.  If you are reading this and you don’t know who he is…google him.

A couple of words about him.  Painter, black and white, spontaneity, abstract expressionist.

Obviously I’m a fan and think you should be too!

Kline with his own painting

a rare use of color


Miles Redd is a fan of Kline as shown in this interior he designed

…and here as well

I love the black in this one.

A Billy Baldwin designed space, Kline in fine company with Mark Rothco and Willem de Kooning


6 Responses to “kline”

  1. BBeebe Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I was looking for an image of Franz with a ring on and ran across your post about him. Well, yes, I do happen to know who he is….He’s my (or he “was”) cousin! I was in NYC in December and had a photo taken of me in front of the painting you posted from the MOMA!

    I, unfortunately, never met him. But…I did know his sister, Louise (though we rarely called her that). Anyway….I DO appreciate your taste in art!

    • SRID Says:

      So cool that you stumbled upon my blog, and how wonderful that you are related to Mr. Kline! I hope that you enjoy my blog and continue to check in to see what I am posting about…glad you like my taste in art!!!

  2. awesome pieces. black and white art is my weakness…

    great post!


  3. Wow! American Abstract Expressionism really is my favourite period in art.

    And can you imagine the $$$$$ of art contained in the beautiful Billy Baldwin room with the Rothko?

    Love the yellow Basquiat in the 8th image also.

    Lovely images
    J xx

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