springy springy

April 5, 2011

I am starting to get that spring is here, spring cleaning, lighten up bug.  We spent the whole weekend clearing out, cleaning up and organizing at our house.

It is warming up and the light is changing from the low winter light to the happy bright spring and summer light that I love.

I’m feeling inspired to do a little re-decorating, organizing and maybe even some dress wearing.  I’ve been shopping the container store online looking at ways to store the pile up of toys we have accumulated and I am thinking some new spring bedding is definitely in order.

I’m sure I will have more to say about spring, but this is a start.

Some inspiration…

nothing says spring like tulips!

loving the earthy, crisp mid-century modern feel of this room

I’m a sucker for bright pops of layered color against massive amounts of stark white and natural elements…

perfect spring outfit

could this PLEASE be my little spring hide-away?!?!?

a sweet little spring bouquet in a mug, perfect for next to my bed

happy cheeky and fresh Jonathan Adler


loving this orange, I’ll take the one on the left thanks…and the one next to it!

muted spring flowers

girlie french springy

manuel canovas florals always feel like spring!

love the greens, the prints, the colors…

I always LOVE white tulips spilling over a vase like this

this kitchen feels like a spring egg to me

wonderful canovas spring colored linen and cotton bows


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