i am so tired

April 15, 2011

I was out most of the day today, my 4 year old has been home on spring break all week, Michael has been ridiculous sick and I walked in the door after having cleaned the house this morning to the aftermath of a 4 year old hurricane in the middle of the living room.

Sometimes I’m cool.  Today I almost had a panic attack.

There are some days where I can go go go and some days I just can’t.

Today I really need to be somewhere quiet and warm, with a half naked young man servant bringing me beverages and ice cream.  A place that feels like perfection, where my mind can let go and stop worrying about all the little mundane details that make up the whole picture of a life that looks like its working.  At least in my little illusory world.

Did any of that make sense?  Oh well if it didn’t, I’m too tired to explain and too delirious to care.

Here’s where I’d rather be…


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