dwell on design

July 3, 2011

Last weekend was the Dwell on Design show here in LA.  I’ve been so busy this week that it has taken me this long just to sort through all of the info that I got  at the show and have a look at all of my pictures.

I guess better late than never.  It’s not hot off the press, but I can still share what I thought were some of the coolest things there…

I fell in love with the resin pieces by designer Monica Calderon, click her name to check out her website…

I loved the softwall and furniture products by molo design collective – this structure is made of paper, soft and light like origami.

Lighting by David Trubridge – I already knew his work but love it just the same.

Another favorite of mine for years Green-Form – I could put the iconic Loop Chair at almost every home that I work on…

These planters from Wallter are so retro and came in really fun colors.  I didn’t take this picture, I pulled it from their website…

I love simple almost non existent structures and these sliding wall/door systems from VITROCSA make me swoon.  Another shot pulled from the companie’s site.

Lesley Anton’s pottery and lamps are so earthy and delicious…

I am not a huge fan of shower drains, but I do love this drain called ‘the one’ by Infinity Drain.

Japanese artist SASAKI was there listening to and drawing people’s heartbeats to benefit the victims of the Tsunami in Japan.  Please click on his name to read all about his art.


3 Responses to “dwell on design”

  1. All the designs are really outstanding. Specially the loop chair. Great Work. Keep sharing

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