say yes!

July 16, 2011

I have a secret late night obsession.  After my boys fall asleep and I am all alone, I quietly and secretly watch episode after episode of Say Yes to the Dress, the reality program that showcases brides shopping for their wedding gowns.

I love this show.  What I find to be so ironic is that I am not married, nor do I have any desire or intention to be married.  I have been with the same man, the father of my two children, for 10 years.  I am fully committed in my relationship.  My lack of desire to be married has nothing to do with my love for Michael or my commitment to him.  I asked Michael tonight ‘do you think its strange that I don’t want a wedding, I just want the dress?’.

Do you think its strange?

Back to the show, I have to say that I find the whole engagement/dress buying phenomena to be fascinating.  Girls trying on dress after dress, finally turning fantasy into reality and acting on dreams and plans that they have been constructing in their minds for years.

You know what I have been fantasizing about for years?  Lust-worthy Interior Design.  I have been dreaming about my perfect house for so long I can’t even tell you when my first decorating fantasies began.

I hold in my heart and mind pictures of my perfect house and make sure to spend a little daydreamy time with those fantasies everyday.


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