vintage afghans and my grandma

November 28, 2011

i was shopping on etsy and stumbled upon some vintage afghans.  sometimes something will happen and  trigger a memory for me, something so deeply ingrained in my being and completely forgotten that its emotional when i remember.

i am deeply sentimental and nostalgic.

my mom’s people are most recently from montana.  out in the sticks.  i remember going to montana to visit as a young girl and the town my mom was from seemed stuck in the late 50’s or early 60’s.  i didn’t appreciate it then,  i was too young.

there seem to be many things that i was too young to appreciate that i remember now with yearning and a little bit of melancholy.  my grandma and her sister used to knit or crochet afghans as gifts, when babies were born, etc…

growing up they were just these home made colorful blankets that didn’t mean much to me.  this tradition, this craft of putting a piece of yourself and your love into something to give away.

i appreciate it now and remember the days sitting on my grandma’s sofa with knitting needles in my hands.  i’ve forgotten how, but something’s got me thinking its about time to remember.

afghan from thewhitepepper

This vintage afghan from ByHeart looks just like one my grandma had…

afghan from ReArcade

i remember a bunch like this one from 27thAVE


this one from jacklom3 makes me think of my grandma…

…and maybe this one for me from HolidayFarmStudio, it feels a little missoni


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