my bed

January 19, 2012

My bed is usually all white.  I love a clean crisp white bed.

I’ve been feeling like I need a little change so I bought this duvet cover at West Elm.

I am having a hard time making up my mind…what do you think?

Is it a keeper?


5 Responses to “my bed”

  1. Jennifer Z Eisenhart Says:

    Please consider the source when reading my comment because you’re a designer and I’m a banker.

    This reminds me of a southwestern pattern and for that reason I’m not crazy about it.

    Don’t be offended. I’m smart. You’re dumb. Your attractive and I’m not good looking.

  2. Jennifer Z Eisenhart Says:

    AAAHHHHHH!!! I meant you’re smart and I’M dumb!

  3. Monica Lavigne Says:

    No….too bla.. you have more personality to pull off some color or a more yin pattern 😉

  4. kay Says:

    no. take it back. it reminds me of black spray paint dripping off a wall. your apartment is so elegant…i would go with something subtle or a single color.

  5. daddy Says:

    i like white

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