May 2, 2012

I could have just titled this post “an ode to John Pawson”, but I didn’t.  Most of the images shown here are by architect John Pawson but the point here was really to showcase minimalist interiors and he happens to be the master.  In my opinion.

I find myself enraptured, drooling even, when I see a well executed minimalist space.  It’s an appreciation for something unattainable to me because I know I will never live that way and I am too much of a product whore to design anything so unvarnished and refined for someone else.  I’m not sure, did I just totally put myself down?

Anyway, some people fantasize about luxe, bountiful villas overflowing with the newest technology and piled up with lavish textiles and ornate furnishings.

I fantasize about emptiness.  Thanks John Pawson.

What do you fantasize about?????


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