wallpaper cabinet – part 2

June 14, 2012

I went down to check on the cabinet that I am having made.  It is coming along and there were a couple of details that I wanted to discuss and check on.

Overall I am really pleased with the way that this piece is going to look.  Having never covered such a large piece in wallpaper before, this is a bit of a risk for me.  I hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head!

I brought the paper to the builder’s shop and unrolled it on the top surface of the cabinet. I needed a little instant gratification, and I wanted to make sure the pattern was going to sit the way that I had envisioned.  Very exciting.

Here’s a few pics…

Here is the basic frame of the cabinet.  No drawers have been installed, and neither has the center support.

The pattern on the paper is sitting perfectly center on the top of the cabinet.  I am very pleased, this cabinet is going to be gorgy!

Here’s a little detail with an idea of what the center support will look like.  I go to pick up the pulls for the drawers tomorrow…


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