new bedding

August 20, 2012

I just got some new bedding.  I was ready for a change and we really needed new sheets.  I was getting tired of the all white and I have this black and white ikat duvet cover that I got at West Elm a while back, but I’ve still just been using my white sheets.

Today I went bold for me and mixed and matched some blue bedding from Roberta Roller Rabbit.

I’ve also been loving this Bruschwig & Fils Dzhambul fabric and have been thinking I would make 3 euro shams for my bed but I haven’t been able to make up my mind…

Here are my multiple bedding options, I was feeling like I wanted to change the wall color behind my bed, but now I’m thinking maybe no, just go for the Dzhambul istead.

What do you think, do I do the Dzhambul, do I paint the wall, do I do both, nothing??? Decorating for myself is such a challenge!!!

Here is the new fitted sheet and blue shams, bold move for me as my bed is usually all white.

Here it is paired with the Dzhambul fabric that I like…I’ll still have my white duvet which will mostly cover the busy sheet.  What do you think?

When I want a change of pace, here is my black and white ikat bedding.  I know, my duvet cover needs a serious ironing, tell it to my 2 year old and 5 1/2 year old…


One Response to “new bedding”

  1. hahah…i know what ya mean…what if you do a dark charcoal fabric (maybe dressy – silk linen or silk???) on the headboard…darker than the walls…darker better with the kids…linen prob. better also…maybe with a bit of a sheen to dress the headboard up…add some tufting??? dark charcoal could work with your ikat bedding & the blue & the walls…i like the wall color…looks very calm…you could always make a few pillows (boudoir) of the b&fils fabric to throw out when you use your ikat bedding…or to throw in another room…for me, it’s too much print with the blue…BUT, that’s just my opinion…do love the b&fils fabric…on a chair or ? somewhere else in the room??? could also pull out a color from the b&fils fabric for your headboard??? you know what to do…look forward to the finished product : )

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