rose bowl swap meet

March 12, 2012

We went to the Rose Bowl swap meet in Pasadena yesterday.  I hadn’t been in quite a few years and had forgotten how much stuff is there.  We got there late, so we missed all of the good early bird items, but still had a great time.  I added a new bowl to my Bauer collection, so we didn’t come home empty handed.

Here are a few items that caught my eye…








luxembourg garden chair

March 9, 2012

You know what I like?  I mean, besides a lot of things?  I like Paris.

Michael’s dad lives in Paris…even better, he lives a block away from Luxembourg Gardens.

One of things I love about Paris is that people are out to enjoy being out.  With nothing to do.  They just go to the park to sit.  Who does that in America?!?!?!?!

OK, maybe people do that in central park, but not here in LA.  Do we even have any parks here in LA?  Now I’m just being bitter.

I love the sea of chairs that are readily available when you stroll into Luxembourg Garden. I would like a big sprawling yard so that I could have my own sea of chairs…







I need to chill out…

February 20, 2012

I am so cranky.

Today is not a day that you want to be around ME.  I am angry and frustrated and want to be by myself.

I want to pull the covers up over my head and watch movies on my computer all day.

Otherwise, things are going well for me.

Maybe if I had one of these bathrooms I wouldn’t be so cranky…nope, probably still would.







eat in library

December 27, 2011

This time of year is supposed to be cozy.  A time for reflection and rest and eating lots of yummy treats and gathering with family and staying inside to avoid the cold.

To me, nothing speaks more of this time than food and books.  Two things which can be done in excess to pass the time on a cold wintry day whilst snow falls outside.

I live in Los Angeles.

I look out my window at the sparkling ocean, with the sun shining and the 70 degree weather and feel that I have in some way been robbed.  I think at this time of year we actually need to slow down and rest our bodies and the weather is supposed to assist in making this easy for us.

That doesn’t happen here in sunny Santa Monica.

The weather here calls to you, it beckons you to come out and play and enjoy the crystal blue skies.

This does not make for a quiet, contemplative cozy winter indoors.  Recharging with a bowl of soup, some hot cocoa and a good book.

That’s all I really want.  To sit in my eat in library, surrounded by books, and eat my way through winter.

I was born and grew up in LA.  When I was 6 my dad moved back to his family’s estate in New Jersey.

There are certain times of year where I become woefully homesick for the rolling hills and space of my dad’s land.  One of those times is now.  I am missing the cold, the snow and the warm and cool contrast of tones that fleck the hillsides amidst the rolling drifts of snow.

Since I seem to be sharing a lot about myself and my personal life lately, here are a few photos of my dad’s place in winter…

October 29, 2011

I have been working a lot lately.  So much so that it almost feel like I have a real J.O.B.  My home office is less than ideal.  It works.  I have a desk, a filing cabinet and shelves to put my sample boxes, catalogues and other office related items.

I want a space that is inspired and calls me to work.

dwell on design

July 3, 2011

Last weekend was the Dwell on Design show here in LA.  I’ve been so busy this week that it has taken me this long just to sort through all of the info that I got  at the show and have a look at all of my pictures.

I guess better late than never.  It’s not hot off the press, but I can still share what I thought were some of the coolest things there…

I fell in love with the resin pieces by designer Monica Calderon, click her name to check out her website…

I loved the softwall and furniture products by molo design collective – this structure is made of paper, soft and light like origami.

Lighting by David Trubridge – I already knew his work but love it just the same.

Another favorite of mine for years Green-Form – I could put the iconic Loop Chair at almost every home that I work on…

These planters from Wallter are so retro and came in really fun colors.  I didn’t take this picture, I pulled it from their website…

I love simple almost non existent structures and these sliding wall/door systems from VITROCSA make me swoon.  Another shot pulled from the companie’s site.

Lesley Anton’s pottery and lamps are so earthy and delicious…

I am not a huge fan of shower drains, but I do love this drain called ‘the one’ by Infinity Drain.

Japanese artist SASAKI was there listening to and drawing people’s heartbeats to benefit the victims of the Tsunami in Japan.  Please click on his name to read all about his art.