Specializing in residential interior design, SRID works with clients to fulfill their vision for their homes with meticulous attention to detail.    Believing that each home should tell the story of a well-traveled life, Sarah approaches each space with a fresh perspective.

Sarah believes in the collaborative process and encourages her clients to be as involved as possible.  Acting as a filter for her clients, Sarah works as a guide and partner in the decision making process, providing her keen eye, years of experience and visual style to create refined and expressive spaces.

SRID offers many design services including color consultation, furniture selection and layout, remodeling, custom furniture design and interior space planning, out-door room design, office space planning and organization.


Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Sarah Rosenhaus grew up surrounded by music and art which helped to shape her creative expression. A highly skilled pianist and emerging photographer by age 12, Sarah formed a love for all things beautiful including a keen eye for fabric, texture, prints and color.

At the age of 21, Sarah started taking classes in interior design at UCLA.  It was at UCLA where the puzzle pieces started to come together and a job in an architecture firm ensued.    Her first task in the architecture firm was put to the test as a resource librarian choosing finishes and materials for the firms various projects.   Mission accomplished because before Sarah could say Neutra, the firm rolled her into an assistant position working on team projects for Boeing and Sony.

Following the architecture firm came the design behemoth Vitra, the world-renowned furniture design company.  At Vitra, Sarah was the showroom manger for three years assisting on critical projects like Endeavor’s offices in Beverly Hills.  During her time at Vitra, Sarah commenced freelancing and took on private design clients in the residential sector.

Sarah’s career took off leading to projects like Backstage Creations where she designed celebrity lounges for awards shows like the SAG Awards, Teen Choice, Billboard Music Awards, Sundance  Film Festival and more.

Today, Sarah is all about walking into a fully layered sensory experience where the look, smell and sound of the space engulf you upon entering.  Currently, Sarah is working on both residential and commercial projects in New York and Los Angeles.  She lives in Santa Monica, CA with her partner Michael and their sons Matthew and Rhys.

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  1. adrian Says:

    nice blog ,some very nice furniture and design.

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