September 22, 2010

Sometimes I have a really hard time focusing.

I’ll go for weeks and everything is fine, and then bam!  I just can’t get myself to sit down and write, no matter what I do.  I’ve got a library of images collected on my computer and the task of just sitting down, writing a little something and then organizing the images in a pleasing way just seems like too much.

Silly me.

My older son went through this phase where all he would watch was Disney’s The Jungle Book and he was convinced that he was one of the elephants.  It was pretty cute.

I’ve always been into elephants.  They are the most wonderful color of gray, their pebbly skin drapes and sags over their bodies in such a beautiful way.

Elephants are everywhere!

The Eames elephant

a painted wedding elephant

ceramic elephant side table from Two’s Company

elephant mural wallpaper

elephant chair by Kristalia

John Derian elephant tray

Thomas Paul elephant pillow

Jensen steel elephant bottle opener

elephant print fabric

Farrow & Ball elephants breath paint

graffiti elephant

4 Responses to “elephants”

  1. Hi- Just wondering where you found that elephant fabric

  2. Warren Says:

    What are those in the first picture with the heads? They look like they might be tables or little plastic figurines. I have a friend doing an elephant theme in there nursery and am very interested.

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