midnight ocean

November 9, 2011

I am a blue girl.  My eyes are blue and I live in denim.  My front hall is painted the deepest teal like the deep of the nighttime ocean.

I love all shades of blue from the lightest faintest hint of pale pale blue, to the deepest midnight indigo.  I love it when a room is all those shades of blue mingling together with yellows and greens dancing around the space too.

I find the right shades of blue to be calming and serene as well as sophisticated, rich and bold.

This time of year, I feel the pull to the deep.  The dark midnight tones of teal and blues that have a slight green undertone to them.  The kind of blue it sometimes takes a designer to suggest…

ok, this one isn’t so green, but still deep and rich and bold…


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