black walls

October 14, 2012

I’ve been wanting to paint my bedroom black for a while now.  It most likely won’t happen, I don’t live alone and get to make these kind of choices unilaterally.  I’ll probably settle for a charcoal chalkboard wall in the kitchen.

I love a black room though.  I’ve actually always dreamed of having a shingle style bungalow home to paint black.  I can picture the verdant green landscape popping in front of the deep dark velvety blackness and the light glowing through the windows at night.  In the black of night, a black house appears not even to be there, only the soft glow of the windows like beacons in the night.

What do you think of a black room?  I’d love to hear your comments…


One Response to “black walls”

  1. Daniel Getman Says:

    Yes. Loving black still.

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