sequins and stripes *

January 10, 2011

I’ve always had a thing for stripes.  I dress my children in stripes regularly and attempt to wear them myself, but they can be a little overwhelming on me.

I love a room painted floor to ceiling in stripes with matching drapes so that you disappear inside the room like its a tent.

I love a soft old linen with faded stripes hugging the arm of a comfy chair.

Right now I am loving bold, nautical and black and white stripes paired with sequins. J.Crew seems to have this look down and I could wear this combo everyday and it would not get old + it translates into interior decor so well.

Here’s some sequin and stripe love…

just right stripes and an earthy porthole window

classic stripes

if I had those legs, I’d rock that skirt all the time

like little sequins hanging from the ceiling…


ok, this could seriously be my outfit everyday!

AMAZING striped door…

sexy, earthy sequins on the subtly striped bedspread

this could also be in the daily wardrobe rotation, yum, love, yum

I’ve said it before, every home should have a moroccan pouf…

…a couple of these metallic ones will dot your floor like sequins

the perfect combo of sequins and stripes

simple stripes

this ring sparkles like sequins…of course, paired with the classic stripe shirt

floor to ceiling stripes

sequin art

One Response to “sequins and stripes *”

  1. awesome collection! I love all of them!


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