moroccan yum

January 28, 2011

It’s ridiculous.

Everyone in my house has been so sick.  It started right around Thanksgiving, each of us coming and going with a little something here and there…but the last 3 weeks have been insane.

Having these 2 young children is like living in a petrie dish of disease when winter rolls around.

You don’t even want to know what my house has looked like for the past month…

When I feel really bad, I just don’t care to do anything.  I become a vegetable.  Then I start to feel better, like now I’m feeling a lot better, and I start to guilt trip myself about how lazy and irresponsible I’ve been.

So I guess this is a mercy post to myself.  A post to make myself feel better for having gone so long without even a single image.

I know this blog is getting over 100 hits per day, but is anyone actually reading these diary entries that I post, or are you just here for the pictures?  I’ll admit, I mostly read magazines for the pictures, so I get it.






6 Responses to “moroccan yum”

  1. Fatima humbert Says:

    Hi Sarah….I am moroccan woman I live in California …….. I like the picture 7 ……and I like to do in my living room …… but I do not know how and how much cost me…….you can help me please

  2. Cheri Hins Says:

    Yes I read the blog, then I looked at the pictures.mthanks for sharing them. Moving into the house my hubby grew up in and would like to boho our bedroom.

  3. Martrice Says:

    I am expired by the Moroccan living rooms. I just moved into an apartment with the ugliest off white walls. I like the idea of putting fabric on the walls.

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