July 28, 2012

My girlfriend, who is also a designer, and I were having a conversation about how much we love ombre.  Something I’ve noticed when it comes to discussing ombre, is that everyone says it differently and no one really knows if they have it right.  Like ikat, is it eye-cat, ee-cot?  It’s ee-cot, BTW…

Anyway, I brought this up to my girlfriend because she was pronouncing ombre the way that I most hear it – hombre, like ‘man’ in spanish.  I’ve always pronounced it om-bruh, with the uh almost silent.  I don’t hear many say it that way though.  I thought it was a french word, hence my attempt at proper pronunciation, but I wasn’t sure.  So I looked it up.

Ombre is the french word meaning shades.

It is pronounced OM-burr.


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